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What is Curest?

Curest is an app that allows people (your followers) to better discover, track, and share their favorite
restaurants based on your expert recommendations. With our matching algorithm users are introduced to
Top Curators who share a similar taste palate. As an appreciated food blogger on the Curest app you're
guaranteed to grow a loyal following!

Connect with your followers in a different way

Followers are able to keep track of your recommendations

Passionate about good food in your community

An app built for just us Foodies with features dedicated to enhance the food blogger experience

Create new and sustainable relationships with restaurants 

New sponsorships and ambassadorship opportunities with local restaurants

Connect with new restaurants in the area

Restaurants will be seeking Top Curators to partner with

Early bird Top Curator

This is an early bird invite to become a Top Curator on Curest. In the future to become a Top Curator
users will need at minimum 10k followers on Instagram or TikTok with a 2% or greater engagement rate.